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Annual Fund 2022

Supporters of VCHS, it is that time of year when we share with you just what your society is doing and appeal to all of our members and friends for financial help. During COVID some of our regular programming was curtailed. However, 2022 is a different story. We hope to provide a full year of programs and other activities.

For example, in the month of May we will have a traveling exhibit on water from the State Historical Society. This summer, date and time to be determined, we will have a program highlighting the chimney swifts that nest in our chimney. Also, many of our regular events such as the 4th of July Strawberry Shortcake Social are being worked on. Watch our Facebook page, newsletter and newspaper for announcements of future events.

To fund this programming as well as our dream project of providing heat and AC to the upper floors of the museum, we need your financial help. A donation in any amount will be appreciated and put to good use. Your check made out to VCHS can be sent to the Museum at PO Box 444, Viroqua, WI 54665, or you may give online by going to our website and following the prompts to DONATE.

Supporting and maintaining four buildings is an on-going task which requires both sweat equity and funds. As you know from your own personal experience, the cost of EVERYTHING is skyrocketing. We, like you, are feeling the pinch at every turn. So far, we are managing with the help of grants and small fundraisers. Recently we were gifted some funds to help with repairs needed on the windows of the Normal School. This year you will see progress on that project. A major thank you goes out to this loyal supporter.

There are additional ways to financially help your historical society and the sites we care for to survive and thrive. Cash contributions are always welcome in any amount; but, have you considered adding VCHS as a beneficiary to annuities, life insurance policies or your will?

Dian Krause
Board Chair, Vernon County Historical Society

Yes! I will contribute to the 2022 Annual Fund by making a donation to the Vernon County Historical Society:

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