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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


AUG. 21, 1918

Weather commences to feel rather fall like.

Alex Morrison and crew of three helpers have been at the home of Albert J. Broadhead near Retreat, putting basement walls under a large barn, and making other improvements about the farm premises.

“Berlin via America” at the Star Saturday and Sunday. The up to the minute picture.

Base ball is pretty much a lost art this season, in the county districts, because of the absence of the young men in the army and other more important things which engross attention of the people. However, A Kickapoo aggregation of old players from LaFarge, Viola and other points staged a good game with Richland Center. Result 5 for Center and 4 for the boys headed by “Big Ben” of Viola.

George Pennell and Martin Keegan, have installed in their restaurants blow gas lighting and heating systems.

The Censor is issued today under great difficulty. The wretched electrical service has us pretty much stranded. Soldier letters, political announcements and many important matters could not be placed in type because of lack of electric power.

The remains of young soldier, Warren Hamilton arrived at Viola last Saturday morning accompanied by an army sergeant, and the funeral in the Methodist church, Sunday... The meagre particulars are that the young man, while marching from the barracks to the train in St. Louis, a short distance, experienced a sunstroke and died suddenly.

The opening of Viroqua public schools has been postponed to Monday, September 9th. This has been done because of labor shortage and demand for help to harvest the crops.


AUG. 14, 1918

Threshing has commenced.

Atwood’s big jewelry sale!!

People who make trips to the Mississippi report some good catches of bass and other fish.

With the departure of young Warren Hamilton to the front with last Thursday’s squad of soldiers, gave the fourth son from the family of Lewis Hamilton of Liberty town. And it is said Mr. Hamilton will have two other sons subject to military duty when the new registration law is in effect. This is the fifth family in Vernon County that we know of having given four sons to the present great world war.

County Food Administrator Morterud was in from Bloomingdale on Monday. He told the Censor that all restrictions on the use of beef have been removed. That means, we suppose, that an individual or a family can have a “fill-up” providing they have the price. City Clerk Older has been appointed deputy food administrator to issue sugar certificates.

Damage to Crops, Buildings and Other Things in Our County – Retreat Church struck and Burned... C.C. Bishop told the Censor of the calamity that came to Retreat section in the destruction of the Congregational church building. During the storm last Wednesday afternoon, the structure was struck by lightning and burned to the ground….Not a scrap of paper or an article of furniture could be rescued, so quick and fierce was the spread of electrical flame. The church was erected 35 years ago.

A company of Viroqua gentlemen went out and assisted Albert Larson clear away his wrecked tobacco shed. Others have been helped who have sustained similar wrecks.


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