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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JAN. 25, 1922

The bids submitted to the county road and bridge committee for construction of the road south of Viroqua, were opened last Wednesday and revealed the startling fact that concrete could be laid almost as cheaply as bituminous macadam. A petition was immediately circulated in this city and locally in favor of concrete and sent to the state highway commission. Not a person opposed to concrete could be found, and the Censor hopes that the commission will recommend and the committee select that type of road.

The ultra-fashionable Viroqua lady surely got all that was coming to her the other day, when she went into Henry Rogers’ store and asked him for a fashionable skirt. “Yes’m,” says Henry, “How do you want it – too tight or too short.” OFFICE CAT.

JEFFERSON – Irish Ridge – January 22- Oscar Selin is busy getting up a saw-setting and no doubt in the early spring we will hear a saw mill buzzing in the valley.

Our good friend B.T. Jacobson was in today to renew Censor dues. Speaking of the cold snap, he called our attention to the fact that of the 25 days of January so far passed, 13 of them have been below zero. That 13 is an unlucky number to everyone except the coal dealer.

A cup of hot coffee for the worker carrying lunch is a fine thing this weather. The thermos bottle at O.E. Davis’ will keep drinks hot 24 hours in the coldest weather.

Plastering of the lower story of the Masonic temple is completed and the plaster crew are covering the great arched ceiling of the theatre building.

DESOTO – The village dancing club will give a masquerade ball next Friday evening... Early Sunday morning the thermometer registered as low as 20 degrees below zero in some parts of the valley.


JAN. 18, 1922

The workmen on the temple have completed plastering of the lower story, and an artistic job of sand finish it surely is. The massive beams add a distinguished touch. The plastering of the theatre will be next in order. The chains for the canopy are in place and the copper and glass top will soon be on.

FREEMAN – Heald Hollow – January 16 – Quite a number of the farmers in this vicinity delivered their tobacco Monday at DeSoto.

The foreman of the Wisconsin-Minnesota construction crew informs the Censor that juice will flash over the high tension line by Sunday. A day or two more will complete the Viroqua sub-station and a little work remains to be done on the Cashton sub-station. Then the switch will be thrown in and juice from an hydraulic source will feed Viroqua’s lights and motors.

WHEATLAND – Red Mound – January 9 – After three months of drilling Jim Snyder at last has a well with plenty of water. Will Sallander erected his windmill... So much snow fell that even the faithful “Lizzie” stays quietly at home.

WESTBY TIMESES – The Westby city basketball team defeated the city team of Viroqua last Friday night here to the tune of 25 to 17... Geo.S.Byer and Joslyn Running drove by car to Minneapolis on Thursday of last week. Not every year that trip can be made by car at this time of the year. Haven’t heard of anybody starting out this week, tho.
The tobacco warehouse opened here on Tuesday morning with a fill crew of assorters. We understand that some were turned away... Magnus Midtlien is at the head of the sizing department this year.