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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JULY 3, 1918



Robert Graves went to DeSoto to help Charlie Tenney with his contract of road making on the Caldwell flats.

Norwegian parochial school will open next Monday in two rooms of the public school buildings. Miss Agnes Neprud will teach in Norwegian, Miss Emma Loverud in English.

Haying has commenced in a small way. Next week it will be in earnest. As usual, heavy and important work of the farm piles up at one time – corn cultivation, tobacco hoeing, hay and grain harvest. And oh, the scarcity of help!

Aug. Kriigle, president of the village of LaFarge... motored over yesterday on business... President Kriigle said that he was working hard for Uncle Sam, having gotton out 100,000 spokes for war trucks and just received a command for 55,000 more. He also supplies gearing and reaches for trucks. These things are all oak and maple.

At the last meeting of the city council it was decided not to make the cub and gutter improvements contemplated on South Main and East Decker streets. Property owners on the streets named petitioned to council to defer operations this season because of financial reasons. The city has on had the granite necessary for its part of the work, and had also ordered the heavy oil.

Every day one to a half dozen soldiers may be seen on the streets of Viroqua. They are usually boys from Camp Robinson near Sparta, who are coming and going to different near and distant places.

Come and try the new oder, Day Dream perfume, at O.E. Davis’ Drug Store.


June, 1918