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Women's Suffrage Centennial

The majority of women in the United States won the right to vote in 1920, with the passage of the 19th amendment to the Constitution. The Vernon County Museum is commemorating this centennial with exhibits, videos, and articles. Using the resources below, you can learn more about women's suffrage on both a local and national level.

Rightfully Hers

Museum exhibits:

Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence

Rightfully Hers


Wisconsin Women Making History - Vernon County's Maud Neprud Otjen


The Vernon County Historical Society and the Viroqua Community Theatre have partnered on a theatrical video presentation to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment:

Failure is Impossible!

The cast includes Karen Dahl, Erica Howe, Dr. Brian Lyle and Rebecca Palmer with the musical support of Jacinta Henden and Tara Lyons. The production is directed by Pam Kalinosky.


Votes for Women! Event held August 26, 2020 video.



Over the years, the museum has published local suffrage information in the Weekly Column. Here are some extracts:

Maud Neprud

Maud Neprud from March 11, 2015

Karen Mischel and other female town and village officials from April 8, 2018

Vernon County female officials from March 3, 2019

Tilda Omundson from March 10, 2019

Lillian Jussen from March 17, 2019

Ratification of the 19th Amendment from June 9, 2019

Lucy Stone Marker from August 18, 2019

Prohibition and Suffrage from January 12, 2020

Luna Gosling

Who didn't get to vote? from March 8, 2020

University of Wisconsin graduates in the 19th century from March 15, 2020

Amy Gott from March 22, 2020

Reverend Olympia Brown from July 12, 2020


Excerpts from the Vernon County Censor