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The People and Places of Cheyenne Valley:

These are just some of the images of the Cheyenne Valley area. We may not have the correct information for some of these people. if you have a correction, please contact us: phone: (608) 637-7396 or email:

families in front of church
1934 Revels Valley Church - Free Methodist Church, Revels and Winchells families


Shivers family
Shivers home in Hillsboro, with Alga and Flora Shivers and Blanche (Bass) Arms in front, possibly Minnie Owens in middle, Cecil and Otis Arms in back.


Bass and Revels

Alex Bass (right) and Juel Revels

Flora Shivers

Flora Revels Waldon Shivers


Bass women

Eliza Jane Bass holding her great-granddaughter Hazel Shivers. Eliza's daughter, Rebecca Ann Shivers, sitting. Rebecca's daughter-in-law, Elsa Shivers, standing.