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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


MAY 17, 1922

Quick response to the fire whistle by our truck and the department laddies, Wednesday morning and the heroism of Mr. Nystrom, averted a serious fire, the possibilities of which make one shudder to imagine... Fire broke out in the engine house close to Westbrook oil tanks, presumably caused by a spark from the gasoline engine. The building was a mass of flames in a few moments. Mr. Nystrom was in the structure at the time...closed all the valves and cocks leading to the adjacent tanks of oil. He was badly burned...

Farmers in the vicinity of Mason City, with their customary energy and progressiveness, turned out enmasse and worked the road from Mason City north to Viroqua so that the Highway Commission members who inspected the two routes the day before the hearing would find it in first class shape.

During the storm, Thursday evening, Willard Getter suffered the loss of a fine heifer by lightning. The animal was a registered two-year-old which Willard was grooming for the county fair and was valued at $200.

While operating the new electric bread mixer at 3:30 Tuesday morning at the Sanitary Bakery, Kenneth McMasters had the misfortune to have the two middle fingers of his left hand caught in the machinery. In order to save the rest of his hand he pulled back with such force that the two fingers were completely town off at the middle joint... Kenneth is a very fair violin player, and the injury will end his activities along that line we fear.

Ben Brown is treading on air these days. The grand pipe organ has arrived – twelve thousand pounds of it.


MAY 10, 1922

An official notice for a hearing at Richland Center Court House next Wednesday, May 17th. The matter to be discussed is the changing of Number 11 between Viroqua and Richland Center from its present location thru Readstown to a new route through Viola. Petitions have been circulated in this city opposing the change, and have been signed by nearly everyone approached. There appears to be no question but that most Viroqua people are perfectly content to let the road remain in its present location.

Viroqua’s street sweeper has arrived and will shortly be on the job. It is a combination sprinkler and sweeper, a thoroughly tried machine of the Austin make, with a nine-foot broom.

That little old Bud ball team sure is hitting the same old winning stride as they did nast [sic] year. Their 12 to 5 victory last Sunday over the Pleasant (Chaseburg) Ridge team was their third game and their third victory.

Have you noticed the fine window display at Suttle & Tate’s store. The ivory finish background, flower baskets and pedestals bearing a fine ornamental design, are most tasty. They were purchased by Miss Suttle and Mrs. Tate on their recent trip to New York.

Beginning Friday the 12th, we run a special sale on corsets while they last. Suttle & Tate.

At the Court House the committee in charge are planting shrubbery, evergreens and other ornamental trees. Lake Bros. are re-painting the walls of the Court House. These improvements will add to the appearance of our seat of county government.