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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


MAR 14, 1923

Once more along with the coming of the robins and pussywillows, the political pot commences to boil – but this spring it appear to be a very modest simmering, for contests are few.

Over one hundred million pounds of butter were manufactured in Wisconsin last year. Think of that! It surely seems unbelievable, until one stops to think that over one million pounds of it were made right here in our own big creamery.

Merchant J.H. Quick came down from Sparta hospital and spent a few days of rest at home... Mr. Quick is being treated at Sparta, and will go to Madison to be under the care of specialists for several weeks. His friends hope that he will experience early and complete recovery, and will soon be back in his business place as of yore.

Just received a shipment of fine separable soft shirt cuff buttons. These buttons will not come apart until you pull the clasp, thus doing away with the risk of losing them. Come in and see them Ed. Harrington.


Viroqua, March 13 – On account of so much snow and drifted roads, we have had no mail here for two days... The tobacco in and around this community has about all been delivered, and we are glad to see it go.

WHEATLAND – Saving wood is the order of the day these days... Willis Houston is drilling a well for Will Johnson... Considerable credit is due Genevieve Tenney who is attending school in DeSoto and rides a horse to and from home.

Don’t blame the Censor or the mail carriers if your mail or Censor is late this week. The boys had extreme difficulty in making their routes today, some not making all of their routes, and the strong wind and snow as we go to press is a pretty good sign that there will be nothing moving tomorrow – trains, route carriers or anybody else.


MAR 7, 1923

On Friday morning a telegram from the Salvation Army Rescue Mission at Minneapolis came to the family of Merchant John Quick of this city bringing the tidings that Mr. Quick had been picked up in a half demented condition on the streets and was being cared for at the mission. Mrs. Quick immediately left for Minneapolis. This brings to a close an agonizing period of suspense to the family since his disappearance five weeks ago...

... a resolution was passed by the Common Council for the City of Viroqua, ordering certain streets to be improved with a permanent pavement, cub and gutter, to wit: East Decker Street from Main Street to Wisconsin Ave; East Eve north to Railroad Ave; Railroad Ave, East to the right of way of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Co.

Sidney Higgins of Liberty Pole informs us that his neighbor, Will Mills, bought a sack of grit for his chickens, but it turned out to be nothing but ice cream salt, and 48 of his hens died from eating it.

March first surely came in like a lamb – a warm spring day that was filled with sunshine and the wonderful charm of nearly spring. And the weather has been fairly mild since with the exception of one snappy six degree below morning.

The Censor has received from Congressman J.D. Beck a mailsack full of packages of flower seeds. These seeds are free to anyone who wishes to come to the Censor office and ask for a package.

Prairie du Chien, Wis – Koch Bros. made two fish hauls under the ice near Ferryville which resulted in a catch weighing 25,000 pounds, most of which was carp and buffalo.


February, 1923