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Cunningham/Cina Barn (1)


photo credit: June Pedretti

Three families have owned this barn since it was built in 1915 when Bert and Mary Cunningham owned the farm. According to the National Register Nomination, design and construction of the barn is attributed to Alga Shivers and was modeled after one on a nearby farm. This barn has a tile exterior, and measures 55 feet in diameter with an 11x36 foot tile silo in the center. The barn had 15 stanchions on one side, and horse stalls and calf pens on the other with a feed area in the center.

Kenneth Vance and his family were the second owners of the barn. During their ownership, it was an active dairy barn until the late 1970's. After that, it was used for young stock. Nunce and Helen Cina owned the farm for many years. Angela (Angie) Cina is the current owner. The barn was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.



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