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Dank/Noecker Barn (9)


photo credit: June Pedretti

Unfortunately, this barn was destroyed by a storm in July, 2019

This barn was built in 1921 by Alga Shivers for Joe Dank. Today, Mr. Dank's great-grandson, Gary Dank owns the barn. The farm was passed from Joe to his son Frank and then to his son Laramie. Laramie's wife writes: "Joe Dank had Alga Shivers and a crew of neighbors build him a round barn. The fourth generation is using it. The barn is 60 feet across and in the center is a 12x48 foot silo that is no longer used." She states that though round barns used more lumber than rectangular barns, the ease of feeding animals could have been a reason for building a round barn.

The barn was gradually modernized beginning in the 1950's. First, in 1950 a milk house was added, and then a bulk tank in 1976, and a pipeline milker in 1981. A barn cleaner was added in 1979 with no corner wheel; rather a steel plate was placed inside the wall of the gutter. A tornado twisted the barn in 1983 and the Mitchell Construction crew was called in to straighten it.


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