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Evenstad/Hershberger Barn (2)


photo credit: June Pedretti

This 13 sided barn was built in 1913 by Henry Hall for John Evenstad who owned it until the late 1960's. Mr. Evenstad's son, Kenneth, recalls the following:

"I don't just remember who all helped build the barn. Henry Hall was the main carpenter. My dad helped. I remember Ma said she cooked for 13 for dinner and, of course, had lunch in the forenoon and afternoon. They went home for supper. I think the barn is 60 feet across with a silo in the center. It has an eight foot basement. There used to be a cupola on top, but it was hit by lightening. It was a dairy barn, but I don't just remember how many stanchions were there but there were four box stalls for the horses. We did chores by kerosene lanterns."

A lumber company owned this farm from the early 1970's until the mid-1970's when an Amish family purchased it.



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