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Pepper/Schmidt Barn (8)


It is not clear who built this nearly 100-year-old barn located on Burr Ridge. At the turn of the century, George Henry Pepper owned this farm. Myra Kraemer Ward says that her grandfather, Mr. Pepper, and her father, William Andrew Kraemer, built round barns. The current owner, however, believes that the barn was likely built by Alga Shivers. Don Schmidt says, "He (Shivers) probably nailed the lumber on the framewhen it was green and springy."

The barn has had several owners. Since the early 1970's, Donald and Donna Schmidt have owned it. The Schmidt's put in a pipeline milking system in the 1980's. According to Mr. Schmidt, "this was a unique experience because the stainless steel had to be bent." Union Center installer Ben Preston measured the diameter, figured the degree of bend, and sweated the angles.

Mr. Schmidt recounts several stories about his experiences with the barn. He said: "It took about a week to get used to the barn. About the most confusing thing was leaning your pitchfork against the wall. You might walk around quite a while before you found it again!" On the other hand, the shape of the barn saves Mr. Schmidt work in the winter. "When the snow drifts, I almost never have to shovel (it) away from the barn."


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