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Round Barn Tour

photo credit: Elmer Mithum

There is no set order for viewing the barns. Vernon County is very wide stretching from the Mississippi River on the west to Hillsboro on the far east. The round barns are mostly located in the eastern part of the county between Viroqua and Hillsboro. We have a map covering the whole area of the tour and smaller, more detailed maps of each barn location.

Please be aware:

*All barns are on private property. Most are visible from the road, depending on the time of year.

**Respect private property and do not walk onto the property or into the barn without owner permission.

driving tour map

Driving map of round barns:   Full route of all barns.   Individual barn maps.


Information and maps for individual barns*

june cover

*Information on individual barns is from the revised Round Barns of Vernon County, Wisconsin; A Circle Tour
by Gail Curry Fish, Wava G. Haney, and June Zalewski Pedretti, 2004.